We make our best efforts to enhance each child¡¯s physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional development at their own speed in a non-competitive atmosphere.
Happy Time Child Care will help children¡¦.
   - Develop each child¡¯s gross, fine and combined motor skills
   - Develop the ability to maintain their health by themselves
   - Play as a group and learn community awareness and essential social skills
   - Develop the ability to appreciate individual differences and uniqueness
   - Develop non-biased and multi-cultural ideas
   - Develop and build up the essential learning skills and concepts while playing
   - Test their ideas and concepts throughout the program and become confident learners
   - Express their unique and creative ideas
   - Be open-minded to others¡¯ ideas and create better ideas together with friends
   - Develop the conversation skills necessary to understand others and describe their thoughts in the ways      appropriate to specific situations
   - Increase awareness of new words and letters in their surroundings
   - Develop the skills needed for early literacy by describing characters, settings and plots of various stories
   - Develop self-regulation, self-confidence and a sense of purpose and determination
   - Acquire positive self-images prerequisite for later success in learning and life