Due at time of registration:
¤ıCompleted Registration Forms
   - Includes the photocopy of immunization records and Alberta Health Care Card
   - Please keep us informed of any changes in the forms
¤ıRegistration Fee (one time, non-refundable fee per year, per family: $50)
Financial Policies
¤ıStudent Care fees are due on the first operating day of each month:
   - All post-dated cheques are deposited the first banking day of each month.
¤ıNo refunds will be given for days not attended (e.g. illness, holidays, etc.).
¤ıOne full month written notice of withdrawal must be given in advance of the withdrawal date.
¤ıSubsidy is available for eligible families (www.child.gov.ab.ca/childcaresubsidy)
   Parents are responsible for handing in subsidy / renewal forms
   immediately to the subsidy office and providing the centre with an approval letter.