The menu meets the requirements of Canada's Food Guide as well as family and children's preferences. We believe that children need proper nutrition to be fully effective in their learning and exercising.

We have a four-week rotating menu of snacks and meals. The menu plans are
   designed specifically for winter and summer.

We provide meals (breakfast and lunch) and afternoon snacks. However, parents
   are required to provide morning snacks for their own children.
   We ask parents to send healthy and simple snacks.

We recognize we play an important role in shaping eating behaviours of children
   through the food environment we create. These are some ideas on how to meet
   their needs.

   - Respect children's ability to determine how much food to eat
   - Organize fun physical activities.
   - Make plans for cooking with children

 When parents enrol, they must let the centre know any food allergies/restrictions
    their children have and keep the centre updated on it. Parents are to consider
    peanuts and nut products are NOT permitted.